Taylor Swift's song 'Ronan,' about young Valley cancer victim, goes viral

PHOENIX - Taylor Swift's new song performed at the 'Stand Up To Cancer" telethon Friday night has gone viral, proving one Valley woman's effort to raise awareness about her son's fight with the deadly disease might be paying off.

Taylor Swift sang her new song "Ronan" about a four year-old boy that died in 2011 after a fierce fight with neuroblastoma. Swift co-wrote the song with Ronan's mother, Maya Thompson, of Phoenix.

The song, with tear-jerking phrases like "I remember your bare feet down the hallway" and "You fought it hard like an army guy" is already the second most downloaded song on iTunes.

Swift became misty-eyed at the close of her performance as the tweets began to fly, all in support of #Ronan and other cancer fighters.

Thompson has written many heartfelt and emotional posts on her blog Rockstar Ronan about her son and his battle with cancer. In early September, she wrote a post directed to Ronan.

She wrote, "I told your Sparkly the other day, 'If Ronan had to die, you can make d--- sure I am going to make something amazing come from it. He will change the face of childhood cancer.' I hate that it had to be you. But baby, just maybe, someday, another little boy or girl won't have to die from this disease because of the awareness you are bringing to it."

And Thompson might be right. After Swift's performance, 'Ronan' debuted on iTunes with all of the proceeds going to cancer-related charities. It has already become one of the top two songs on iTunes. 

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