Supporters, opponents debate Arizona's Proposition 204

PHOENIX - Supporters and opponents of Proposition 204 are busy courting voters across Arizona as the campaign enters its final two days.

Signs urging you to either vote for or against Prop 204 are on practically every street corner in the Valley these days.

Erik Twist, Chairman of Arizona Right To Life, counts himself amongst the opposition to Prop 204.

"You can have a bill poorly worded that actually in the end goes to things the bill was never intended to give," said Twist.

Prop 204 would permanently extend the one cent sales tax increase that voters approved back in 2010.

It has and will continue to raise about $1 billion dollars a year which goes to roads, health care, and education.

But Twist fears some of that money could also end up going to abortion providers.

"We've seen in the past where you have certain language that you think would not help provide abortion providers with extra money, but we've seen this with the working poor tax credit," said Twist.

Ann-Eve Pedersen, President of the Arizona Education Network, says that won't happen with Prop 204.

"They're throwing anything and everything out there," said Pedersen. "It's getting to be pitiful what they're trying to do to divert from the real issue."

Pedersen claims the money will go directly to Arizona's schools where it belongs.

"This time we've protected these dollars from the legislature so they will benefit our children, their teachers and our classrooms," said Pedersen.

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