Study: Arizona tied as top state with hungry children

PHOENIX - Arizona is tied as the worst state in the country when it comes to child hunger.

A study finds that more than 460,000 children don't eat regularly at home.

Experts say it gets worse in the summer since poorer children cannot count on school lunches.

"If that's something the family really relies on to make ends meet and that goes away for 2-3 mths in the summer time that really puts a crunch on those families," said Brian Simpson with the Association of Arizona Food Banks.

Simpson says the recession continues to have a big impact on families, with parents losing their jobs and homes, they cannot afford to put food on the table.

"The food stamp program is at the highest levels it's really ever been in Arizona," Simpsons said.

Oregon ties Arizona as the worst states in the country when it comes to food hunger.

For resources available to struggling families check the Association of Arizona Food Banks website .

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