Experts say scorpions are coming out earlier this year due to the warm winter

PHOENIX - Valley resident JR Pfundheller says he's already seeing scorpion issues at his home.

"This season, probably about five so far," he said.

They don't seem to be the only ones either.

Bulwark Exterminating Devin Connor said, "we're seeing lots of scorpions, I mean they're coming out earlier because we had a very warm winter."

That's why Pfundheller called in professional exterminators to help with the problem. While their home was getting sprayed, dusted, all around de-bugged, we wanted to know what you can do at home if you're not quite ready to call in the big guns.

"Make sure your doors and windows are sealed," said Connor.

JR learned that one the hard way.

"This morning we came out and had one greeting us at our front door," he said.

Connor said scorpions can squeeze in through the smallest of cracks. Make sure to seal open cracks, check windows and doors, and keep an eye out.

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