SB1062 vetoed: Will there be fallout at the polls in November?

PHOENIX - It's the calm after the Senate Bill 1062 storm. The protests are over, but will voters protest at the polls this November?

According to ABC15's unofficial social medial poll, they just might. We asked, will SB1062 change your vote?

The responses showed a little bit of everything. @Mot51560 tweeted, "It changes how hard I will work to get other people elected." And @Susiesmc wrote, "It won't change how I vote in November. I like people in office and the work they are trying to do.  I say keep em!"

"That is going to be something they have to deal with," said political consultant Barrett Marson, with Marson Media.

Marson said the real test won't be in November's general election, but in the August primary.

"If you're in a district heavily Republican or heavily Democrat, it's probably going to be the primary is going to make the decision," Marson said.

But, he pointed out, it's all about voter turnout.

"A lot of people do not vote in our primaries. They vote in the general, but they don't vote in the primaries," he said.

Marson said we might see lawmakers change their tactics for the rest of this session, to persuade voters to choose them.

"Now we may see some Republicans saying they've had enough of the social conservative bills, let's relax on those, let's focus on business friendly bills, let's focus more on bringing Arizona's economy back," Marson said.

Find out how your Senators and Representatives voted on the Arizona State Legislature website.

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