Ruling due on Attorney General Tom Horne's campaign finance case

PHOENIX - A Maricopa County Superior Court judge is expected to issue a ruling Thursday on a request from Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and an aide to throw out a campaign finance case against them.

Horne and Kathleen Winn argue that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery can't proceed because Arizona law required Secretary of State Ken Bennett to send it to Horne's office for review, not Montgomery's.

An administrative law judge agreed but Montgomery rejected the finding.  Horne and Winn asked the Superior Court to review that decision and a judge held a hearing Wednesday and says he'll rule Thursday.

The case alleges that Horne and Winn illegally coordinated campaign spending during Horne's 2010 campaign.

Winn led a committee that bought advertising supporting Horne's candidacy and now works for him.

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