Report: Tobacco customers overcharged for products at convenience stores

PHOENIX - A study by the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures found that customers purchasing tobacco products in the state may have been overcharged at convenience stores.

According to the study, 44 stores in Arizona were audited to verify shelf pricing of tobacco products and that cash registers were scanning correct prices.

Of 685 individual products scanned at a cash register, there were 53 incidents in which consumers were charged more than the advertised price for products, according to the ADWM.

In an audit targeting store shelf pricing, 5,493 tobacco products had similar discrepancies and 214 were missing prices completely, the report said.

Products that were overpriced included cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars.

"Today's report is disconcerting," stated Kevin Tyne the Director of ADWM. "Arizona retailers must remain vigilant in their efforts to provide their customers with accurate prices and ensure a clear and concise pricing program in their stores."

Retailers who overcharged customers were penalized $8,400 and were provided 30 minutes to correct the discrepancies or the product was removed from the sales floor, the report said.  

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures conducted the inspections to assure that consumers are receiving the actual price advertised, ADWM said.  

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