Powerball jackpot: People travel for hours to buy tickets

On the banks of the Colorado river, just inside the Arizona state line, Powerball fever is running rampant.

Theodore Ingram came from Pasadena, California to spend $600 dollars on Powerball tickets.

"Gonna make some kids happy for Christmas, and some senior citizens," Ingram said.

Ingram certainly wasn't alone.

A steady stream of customers coming in from California lined up at the Flying J store, the first place California residents can play Powerball.

Roxeanne Stache drove three hours, and spent $150 dollars in fuel to purchase just $20 dollars worth of tickets.

"Drop the kids off at school, come out here, turn around, pick them up at school," Stache said.

She believes she has the right numbers to make her a winner. "It just takes one," she said.

The line moved fast, and clerks here kept potential winners moving, but at times, the line did back up past the pastries. These would-be millionaires were all dreaming big.

"I am not even usually a lotto player. This enticed me. $500 million," Janie Lee said.

Lee has already thought out her first purchase.

"Get some electrical wires so my sisters and everyone can stay away from my house… Buzz them," she said.

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