Winning Powerball numbers: Powerball jackpot brings players to Fountain Hills

PHOENIX - Those hoping to win the $320 million dollar powerball jackpot are trying their luck at 4 Sons convenience store in Fountain Hills where the last big winner bought his. The store was jam-packed with customers trying to get their hands on the winning ticket. Many people buying multiple tickets to increase their chances for the jackpot.

"I went to Safeway to buy my ticket last time. That's right across from where the winner got his. So I thought tonight I'd come here to 4 Sons and see if luck can strike again," said Debbie Peglow.

"The chances of it hitting twice in the same place is probably pretty rare. But who knows, stranger things than that have happened," said Sharon Morgan.

The Winning Powerball numbers: 17, 29, 31, 52, 53. Powerball: 31

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