SB1062: Should Arizona Governor Jan Brewer veto 'Religious Freedom' bill? (POLL)

PHOENIX - All eyes are on Arizona after lawmakers sent SB1062 to Gov. Jan Brewer's desk last week.

The controversial “Religious Freedom" bill would allow business owners to deny service to customers solely based on their religious beliefs.

What do you think Brewer should do? Now is your chance to sound-off in our ABC15 poll:

Over 5 million people have seen our Facebook post about a Tucson businessman that placed a "We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Arizona Legislators" on his front door.

Thousands more have commented, tweeted and discussed their views in support and against the "Religious Freedom" bill on and in social media.

8 things to know about S.B. 1062

ABC15 will host a community conversation at 6 p.m. on Monday night to look at the highly polarizing implications of Arizona Senate Bill 1062.

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