Phoenix heat wave: How medical crews deal with extreme Valley temperatures

PHOENIX - Valley residents are scrambling to stay cool in the heat, but the near-record-breaking temperatures are also posing a safety threat.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, Southwest Ambulance has responded to four heat-related calls. On Thursday, they dealt with 13 -- usually they only get about one or two.

While the crew says they have the resources to handle the calls, the tricky part can be keeping paramedics cool as they are sent out in the heat to help those in trouble.
This time of year, Southwest Ambulance uses a little refrigerator on board the ambulance to cool down IV bags. The technique allows paramedics to bring down the body's core temperature quicker for people being treated for heat exhaustion.

But even the paramedics need an occasional reminder to keep cool.

On Friday, Southwest Ambulance put a note on their doors warning workers about the excessive heat warning and the extreme temperatures.

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