Northern Arizona to have days of freezing temperatures

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - The roads are icy, high winds are sending snow swirling, and it's cold.

Temperatures in parts of northern Arizona aren't expected to be above freezing until next week.

ABC15 chief meteorologist Amber Sullins said frigid air is in place through the weekend with lows in Flagstaff in the single digits.

Most areas up north saw 1 to 2 inches of snow Wednesday, including Flagstaff, Williams, Parks and Page.

The most was 6 inches in Jacob Lake. It's expected to dry out Thursday and Friday.

ABC15 meteorologist Laura Thomas traveled to Flagstaff on Wednesday and said the road conditions were pretty bad, especially while the snow was falling this morning. She said there were a number of reports of cars slipping and sliding.

"It's awesome, it's winter in Flagstaff," Flagstaff resident Lynn Hamilton told Thomas. "We love it here, we're used to it and it's just getting into the groove of being a wonderful winter. So, hopefully the ski resort will be open for a long time and everybody will have a nice time this Christmas."

Thomas said the sun came out in the afternoon melting some of the snow, and that the biggest concern is for tonight when the sun sets and the roadways begin to freeze up.

A second snow storm this weekend will keep temperatures well below normal through Tuesday.

Officials in Prescott said the city's street maintenance division is standing by to respond to the snow and ice.

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