New Arizona law requiring drivers to move over begins

PHOENIX - A revised version of the 'Move Over' law takes effect in Arizona Wednesday.

Drivers on Arizona freeways and highways are required to change lanes if possible when they are driving next to a stopped vehicle with flashing hazard lights or emergency lights.

If it's not possible to move over to a non- adjacent lane, drivers must slow down.

Before July 20th, drivers were only required to do this for emergency vehicles.

You may receive a ticket for not following the law. According to AAA Arizona, fines vary by county but could run as high as $150 in some areas.

Will Reddic was stranded on Interstate 17 Tuesday. He had a tire blow out.

"Things moving past you at speeds unheard of," he said about being on the side of the freeway. "Hopefully people (will) start adhering to the law."


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