Latino group asks U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Sheriff Babeu for abuse of power

PHOENIX - A Latino rights organization has formally requested the U.S. Department of Justice launch an immediate investigation into Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu for abuse of power.       

The organization Respect Respeto wants Sheriff Babeu investigated on behalf of every immigrant who has been threatened with deportation.

Babeu is caught up in a scandal involving a Mexican ex-boyfriend who claims Sheriff Babeu threatened to deport him.

In the document submitted to the Department of Justice, Respect Respeto says Babeu made "text messages, pictures and threats that are unbecoming of an elected sheriff."

On their Facebook page , the group complains Babeu ignored helping Latino victims of crimes in the past.

They call his recent accusation "the last straw." 

Respect Respeto's director, Lydia Guzman closed the document by saying, "It is my feeling that neither an elected official nor a law enforcement officer should abuse their positions to make such threats upon an individual in exchange for their silence and this is why I am respectfully requesting an investigation into this matter."

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