Kingman ads in New York attempt to lure Sandy victims out west

KINGMAN, AZ - One northern Arizona city is being advertised to East Coasters as a way to get to better weather, and to get away from major weather events like Superstorm Sandy.

Kingman is home to warm temperatures, and it's only hours away from the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, which makes it an ideal place to live.

One real estate agent thinks Kingman is such an ideal place to live, that he has placed ads in more than 100 publications in New York, according to the New York Daily News .

Steve Wagner, a real estate broker in Kingman, placed ads that read: "BE SAFE: KINGMAN, Arizona; Start Fresh. NO Hurricanes, Snow Storms, Earthquakes. Great year-round golf weather. Low cost of living."

According to the New York Daily News, Wagner has received over 400 calls for information about Kingman.

Kingman is quite a difference compared to New York City, the average temperature in Kingman in January is 56 degrees while in New York it is a chilly 39 degrees.

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