Kids and pets: 3 ways to keep everyone safe

PHOENIX - Whether you're adopting a big furry friend or a little one, you want to make sure your family is prepared. 

Amy Overcash wanted to bring a new pet into the family.  Her six and 13-year-old daughters already loved their dog, Marley, and he needed a buddy.

"And we knew for sure that we wanted a rescue," Amy said.

So she went to Halo Animal Rescue in Phoenix and met Millie.

"Luckily the girls were with me when we picked her out, so they were part of the adoption process, which was really nice," Amy said.

Experts said it's more than just nice, it's necessary.

"You need to be up front. Here at Arizona Animal Welfare League we have adoption counselors, so part of that adoption process is pairing that family up with the right animal," said AAWL's Michelle Ramos.

Ramos said first impressions are important, but you want to make sure everyone stays friends when you bring them home.

"Making sure that your child is prepared and educating your child before the dog comes into the home. When to leave the animal alone, knowing that when it's eating or playing with it's toys that's off limits," Ramos said.

Also, know that education is only step one.

"There is no substitute for supervision, always keeping an eye on your child, never leaving them alone with the dog," Ramos said.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League offers training classes to help your kids and your pets get along. For more information go to their website.

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