Rep. Jeff Flake vs. Richard Carmona is 'a close race'

PHOENIX - Both Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake admit their race for the United States Senate is close and that these final weeks are critical as to who wins and loses.

It's one of the reasons the Democrats are bringing out a heavy hitter such as former President Bill Clinton Wednesday night in Tempe.

If you've watched any TV at all lately you know the amount of money that's being spent on this race to replace to Jon Kyl.

The attack ads have been flying back and forth of late.

In one ad, Carmona accuses Flake of not voting to support veterans and the military.

In another ad, Flake claims Carmona was hand picked by President Obama and that he supports the Affordable Care Act.

Not surprisingly, both men like their chances come election day

"Now is when people start to pay attention and they'll see Flake has a plan, Carmona does not," said Rep. Flake.

"They're running scared," said Carmona. "They felt this is their seat. Once they finished the primary they realized this was a race and now they're on the defensive."