Hispanic media air 'Hoy Somos Arizona' to ease fears of SB 1070

PHOENIX - In an historical move, 23 Spanish media outlets and Latino organizations across Arizona united to air a program to ease fears and uncertainty among the Spanish-speaking immigrant population regarding SB 1070.

"Hoy Somos Arizona" or "Today we are Arizona" was a 30 minute program that aired on the radio, television and internet Wednesday in an effort ease tension in the Hispanic community as it awaits the U.S. Supreme Court decision on SB 1070.

The program aimed to inform community members about SB 1070 and its birth.

"Whether they uphold it or not, just to give exactly what's happening out there, information so they could know what to do," said Abigail Duarte, Deputy State Director with Mi Familia Vota.

Viewers also watched as families torn apart by the current immigration raids told their stories.

"He was a man who was a hard worker so he could pay the rent," sobbed one young boy who hasn't seen his father since he was deported back to Mexico.

The program also informed the community on how  SB 1070 will affect their civil rights and what to do if they are detained, should the Supreme Court uphold the "show me your papers" portion of the law.

"If a person is detained, they have the right to remain silent, they do have to give their name and date of birth, but they have the right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer, that's one of the main rights people have," said Duarte.

Along with the program, the ACLU held a phone bank to answer any questions. 

That phone bank will go back into service once the high court's decision is announced. 

That number is  1-855-737-7386 .

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