Gun groups want to arm teachers and administrators

PHOENIX - As the NRA is pushing for an armed guard at every school, some local gun advocates want to go a step farther by allowing teachers and administrators to take weapons to school.

"Guns save lives," said Charles Heller, with the Arizona Citizens Defense League. "If you have people of good intent and good character and good aim who are in schools who can provide this kind of security, it is a legitimate thing to do."

Heller is working to eventually see some legislation, that would lift current bans of weapons on Arizona's campuses.

He argues, not only is it the teachers right to have the weapon, but it is the best way to stop someone from hurting children.

"Guns and schools do not mix," said Andrew Morrill with the Arizona Education Association. "What we would see is an escalation in accidental shootings and gun thefts and unintended violence.

Heller said he is not advocating arming every staff member but only those with special training.

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