Governor Jan Brewer to seek third term?

PHOENIX, AZ - Only a week removed from the 2012 election, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has already set her sights on 2014.

Brewer said it's possible she may consider seeking a third consecutive term in office.

"Several people have talked to me about that and it's very interesting the way certain people interpret the law and the constitution," Brewer said.

When Janet Napolitano left for Washington back in 2009, then-Secretary of State Brewer became Arizona's 22nd Governor.

Brewer served the remainder of Napolitano's term and won reelection in 2010.

But Brewer seemed to suggest Arizona's two-term term limit may not yet apply to her.

"I think I could continue by making Arizona a better state to live," said Brewer. "It's something in my blood, I guess."

Lawyers say Brewer could argue her first two years in office didn't constitute a full term and she is therefore technically still on her first term.

Arizona law, however, defines a term " as any part of a term served ."

Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Luis Heredia told ABC15 that wording prevents Brewer from seeking another term.

"Based on the constitution the Arizona voters have adopted, she is not eligible to run for another term," Heredia said.

Heredia said even if Brewer earns the right to seek another term, he believes she would lose.

"I think the voters will reject her vision if she chooses to move forward on this," Heredia said.

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