Gas prices in Arizona reach highest point in months, AAA says

PHOENIX - Gas prices across the state have reached a months-long high of $3.317 this week, according to AAA.

The average across Arizona increased 4.6 cents over the past week, but the state still clocks in lower than the rest of the country, AAA says.

Nationally, gas prices jumped as well – up more than 5 cents to $3.436 a gallon.

Despite this increase, prices are actually in a better place now than they were at this time in previous years, AAA says. In 2011, gas costs increased 31 cents per gallon in February; in 2012, 34 cents and in 2013, 50 cents.

But this February, we’ve only seen an 8 cent increase throughout February, according to AAA.

You’ll find the highest gas prices in Flagstaff at $3.448 and the lowest pumps in Tucson at $3.227, AAA says. 

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