FBI: Arizona Attorney General's office coached employees in Tom Horne case

PHOENIX, AZ - In an interview with one of Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's employees, federal agents tell her they know she received coaching prior to their interrogation.

"I don't know how much you have talked to them, or how much you've been coached or how many times you've sat down with everybody, but we know they are going around and coaching people before they come to talk to us," the FBI agent is heard saying in the recording.

The revelation came to light Tuesday after Phoenix Police released the FBI's files surrounding their investigation of Horne.

In an exclusive interview, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery told ABC15 after he reviewed the the FBI's files, he ended up filing only civil charges against Horne for violating state election laws.

"Just because a detective brings in a case and says here are ten charges I'm recommending you file, that doesn't mean those are the charges I'm going to file," said Montgomery.

Montgomery said even though federal agents suggested Horne's employee received coaching, he chose not to file criminal charges such as obstruction.

Nor did Montgomery file any charges based on the investigators' claims Horne's employee lied to them.

"Just to point out the obvious, you just lied to us," federal agents are heard saying to Horne's employee on a taped recording.
"One thing to keep in mind is there's a very specific federal state statute involving lying to an investigator," replied Montgomery. "We don't have a statute like that, a similar one, within Arizona."

Besides the civil election law charges, the only other charge Horne faces as a result of the investigation is a misdemeanor hit and run .

ABC15 previously reported that accident happened outside the apartment of one of Horne's female employees.

Sources tell ABC15 the woman in question is his mistress.

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