FACT CHECK: Super PAC's attack ad on Rep. David Schweikert

PHOENIX, AZ - New political attack ads are hitting the airwaves this week and not all the TV spots are from the candidates themselves.

The Super PAC " Friends of the Majority " spent tens of thousands of dollars getting an ad attacking Rep. David Schweikert on TV screens across the Valley.

The spot claims Congressman Schweikert is not "Mr. Right for conservatives."

The ad alleges "(Schweikert) votes with Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank to get you a weaker national defense."

Attempts by ABC15 to reach someone from the Super PAC for an explanation on this claim were unsuccessful.

But one can assume it refers to Schweikert's vote on the National Defense Authorization Act in May.

ABC15 determined the ad's claim that Schweikert votes to "get you a weaker national defense" is OPINION .

Schweikert did vote no on the act but whether that constitutes a weaker national defense is up for debate.

The ad goes to to say "Schweikert gets you by supporting Obama's payroll tax plan."

ABC15 determined that claim is a FACT .

In February, Schweikert was the only Republican member of Arizona's delegation to vote for an extension of the payroll tax holiday.

A spokesperson for the Schweikert campaign points out, however, that the ad's assertion that it's "Obama's payroll tax plan" is inaccurate.

Schweikert spokesperson Chris Baker says the extension of payroll tax holiday was pushed by Republican leaders in the House of Representatives.

The ad further alleges "(Schweikert) gets you with bigger deficits."

Again, the ad doesn't specifically cite a source for this claim but experts say the extension of the payroll tax holiday added 100-billion-dollars to the nation's deficit.

However, without an exact source ABC15 can only call this claim an OPINION .

In response to the ad, Baker released the following statement to ABC15:

"Voters know David Schweikert is a strong conservative.  We're confident this ad has no impact on voters' perception of him."

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