FACT CHECK: Schweikert's attack ad on Ben Quayle

PHOENIX - Early voting is underway and that means candidates are spending lots of money to get your support.

You've probably noticed the TV airwaves lately are filled with ads from candidates touting their own record while attacking their opponent.

That's especially true in the Republican primary in Arizona's 6th District.

With just weeks to go, the gloves have officially come off in the race between David Schweikert and Ben Quayle .

Schweikert's latest TV ad attacks Quayle on a variety of topics, including the well-publicized claim that Quayle wrote for TheDirty.com , which the ad calls an 'offensive adult website.'

ABC15 determined the claim to be a FACT.

Back in 2010, Quayle initially denied his involvement with TheDirty.com , but eventually admitted that he did contribute to the site .

The ad goes on to accuse Quayle of voting in Washington to 'raise your family's taxes.'

ABC15 determined the accusation to also be a FACT.

Earlier this year, Quayle broke ranks and voted against a bill to extend the federal payroll tax cut.

Quayle defended his decision ,by saying the bill would add 100-billion-dollars to the nation's debt.

The TV spot also alleged Quayle was accused of plagiarizing a bill.

ABC15 determined, once again, that claim is a FACT.

In March, Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut called Quayle's House Resolution 4088 "nearly an exact replica" of a bill Himes authored the year before .

On his Twitter feed , Himes did use the word 'plagiarism.'

The ad concludes with one last allegation that Quayle is 'helping the Democrats by moving out of his district to run against a Republican.'

ABC15 determined that claim to be a FACT.

When Arizona gained an additional seat in Congress from the results of the 2010 Census, Quayle's home ended up in the 9th District.

But Quayle argued that a majority of his constituents live in the sixth district so he moved to a home owned by his parents in Paradise Valley to run against Schweikert.

Analysts say the move may help Democrats to potentially pick up the ninth district seat this November.

Anna Haberlein, Communications Director for Ben Quayle For Congress, released the following statement to ABC15:

"Dishonest Dave is smearing Ben Quayle because he fears he is losing this race, despite his earlier false claims that he is leading. He is desperately smearing Congressman Quayle on television, on the Internet and in the mail. The new television ad references a false accusation from Barney Frank—it seems Dave has linked up with his friend to further spread lies.

For Ben Quayle the derision of Barney Frank is a badge of honor. Barney Frank's fondness for Dishonest Dave Schweikert ought to tell conservative voters all they need to know. Dave is a phony and voters will see through his ongoing campaign of lies."

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