FACT CHECK: Rep. Paul Gosar's attack ad on Ron Gould

PHOENIX, AZ - Paul Gosar's first TV ad of his reelection campaign starts off by touting his record during his first term in Congress.

The ad states Gosar "fought taxes, voted to repeal Obamacare and pushed through the largest spending cuts since World War II."

ABC15 determined those claims are all FACTS.

During his first two years in office, Gosar voted to extend the so-called Bush tax cuts.

Gosar also voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans refer to as Obamacare.

Additionally, Congressman Gosar voted to raise the debt ceiling which also included 2.1 trillion dollars in cuts.

"We have a spending problem, he's been willing to vote for continuous spending," said Gosar's opponent, State Senator Ron Gould .

"I don't go run and hide from issues and problems like Ron Gould does," countered Gosar.

Gould criticized Gosar's vote to raise the debt ceiling even though it also included spending cuts.

Gould claims Gosar's vote "kicks the can" and doesn't solve the real problem.

In his TV ad, however, Gosar fires back.

The ad's narrator claims "Ron Gould used taxpayer money to fund his campaign and was fined by the Clean Elections Commission for not reporting expenditures."

ABC15 determined those statements are, again, FACTS.

During his first campaign for the Arizona State Senate in 2004, Gould accepted tens of thousands of dollars from the Clean Elections Commission and in June of the following year, he settled with the commission for failing to timely report campaign expenditures.

Gould's campaign responded to Gosar's claims by releasing the following statement:

We find it hypocritical that Paul Gosar, a politician who spent more taxpayer money on thinly disguised campaign mailers than any other Arizona member of Congress, is attacking Ron Gould for using clean elections 8 years ago, while in the same ad highlighting the endorsement of governor brewer, who used clean elections in her 2010 campaign.

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