FACT CHECK: Jeff Flake attack ad on Richard Carmona

PHOENIX, AZ - Richard Carmona's bid for the United States Senate comes under attack in a recently released 30 second ad from Republican Jeff Flake .

But does it pass a truth test?

The ad's first claim states "Press says Richard Carmona doesn't work well with others. He's called a bully and more."

ABC15 determined that claim to be a FACT.

An article from the Los Angles Times written in 2002 , prior to Carmona's confirmation hearings for Surgeon General, portrays him as someone would rather "escalate hostilities...than resolve them."

The ad then claims "Carmona repeatedly demeans women."

ABC15 determined that claim to be INCONCLUSIVE.

The ad cites a recent debate in which Carmona admits to making a joke about CNN anchor Candy Crowley's appearance to lighten the mood.

Another Flake ad claims Carmona's former boss testified under oath that Carmona knocked on her door in the middle of the night, making her feel scared.

Carmona, however, denies that allegation.

The Los Angeles Times article also documents disagreements with women but whether that constitutes "repeatedly demeaning women" as the ad claims is open for debate.

The ad claims "(Carmona) supports Obamacare, job killing taxes, massive government just like Obama."

Earlier this year, Carmona voiced his support for the Affordable Care Act making that claim, ABC15 determined, FACT.

But Carmona said he'd only possibly support letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire for high wage earners making the claim about him supporting job killing taxes FICTION.

Whether Carmona's stances constitute massive government is up for debate, making that claim INCONCLUSIVE.

The ad's final claim is that "Carmona lost his job for letting explosive costs sink a government institution."

ABC15 determined that claim to be FACT.

Carmona resigned from his job as Chief Executive of the Pima Health Care System in July of 1999.

An editorial by the Arizona Daily Star says Carmona ran up $ 42 million in budget deficits on his watch and that "his record as a fiscal manager demands his ouster."

Carmona's campaign released the following statement to ABC15:

Congressman Flake is a 12-year incumbent and former lobbyist who can't run on his record. Flake, a career politician, is running a race on false attacks and distortion designed to smear a war hero, cop and doctor who has spent his life in public service. Dr. Carmona is a lifelong independent whom Republicans were desperately courting to run on their side only a short time ago.

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