FACT CHECK: Flake attack web ad on Carmona

PHOENIX, AZ - After winning the Republican primary for United States Senate, Jeff Flake wasted little time to attack his opponent in the general election, Richard Carmona .

"We know where (Flake) stands, Richard Carmona not so clear," the narrator says in the ad.

In the ad that's currently running online only , Flake accuses Carmona of not taking a stand on key issues.

"I don't have any thoughts on that, I did not see that,  I haven't studied that specifically," Carmona is shown saying in the ad.

ABC15 determined the allegation that Carmona hasn't taken a stand on key issues is FICTION.

The ad claims Carmona dodges the issues but doesn't reference specific issues.

A simple Google search shows Carmona's stance on multiple issues.

The ad also alleges Carmona is the "hand-picked candidate" of President Obama.

ABC15 determined that claim to be a FACT.

According to a POLITICO article earlier this year , Carmona was "personally courted by President Obama."

But, as Carmona's campaign points out, Carmona was twice recruited by Republicans to run for governor and for Congress.

Lastly, the ad claims Carmona supported President Obama's Affordable Care Act .

ABC15 determined that allegation is FACT. In this YouTube clip , Carmona states that he supports the Affordable Care Act.

"Dr. Carmona believes Democrats and Republicans both got it wrong," said Andy Barr, spokesperson for the Carmona campaign, attempting to clarify Carmona's remarks.

"Dr. Carmona thinks there are problems with the Affordable Care Act's business plan we need to fix by refocusing on preventive care and changing how we treat chronic disease in order to reduce our spiraling health costs," added Barr.

Barr released the following statement to ABC15:

Congressman Jeff Flake is a career politician and former lobbyist who knows he can't run on his record or the issues, so he chose to launch his campaign with an ugly and misleading attack. As Congressman Flake knows, Dr. Carmona was twice recruited by Republicans to run for Governor and for Congress. Congressman Flake also knows that Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain encouraged Dr. Carmona to serve as Surgeon General of the United States in a Republican administration."
"Dr. Carmona chose to launch his campaign with a positive message introducing himself to Arizona voters. Congressman Flake immediately chose to launch his race with ugly and false attacks. I think that says a lot about the choice Arizona has.


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