FACT CHECK: Attack ad on Vernon Parker

PHOENIX - The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee rolled out an ad this week attacking Republican Vernon Parker .

Parker is running for Congress in Arizona's 9th District against Democrat Kyrsten Sinema .

The ad's narrator states "Parker touted a plan that would replace Medicare, leaving seniors at the mercy of insurance companies, costing them an extra $6,400 a year."

ABC15 determined that claim to be FICTION.

In an interview earlier this month, Parker does talk about looking at entitlements when asked about the Paul Ryan budget but doesn't reference Medicare specifically.

In fact, just a few moments later in the interview Parker says "we have to honor our commitment with seniors."

However, Parker never elaborates on what form that commitment would take.

The ad's next claim is that "(Parker) would end the Social Security guarantee."

ABC15 determined that allegation is, once again, FICTION.

The ad references a candidate forum from June of this year in which Parker does show his approval after being asked wether he would allow individuals to opt out of social security.

However, Parker does not say he'd end the social security guarantee as the ad claims.

The ad's final allegation is that Parker would "Abolish the Department of Education which could cost Arizona schools over 800-million-dollars."

ABC15 determined that claim to be a FACT.

In a meeting with the East Valley Tea Party back in May , Parker tells the crowd "we need to start by getting rid of the department of education."

The Parker campaign released the following statement to ABC15:

We have sent letters to all the network television stations demanding that the false and deceitful DCCC ad be pulled from their air.  The ad is full of lies, is intentionally misleading and is the latest attempt to smear Vernon Parker by out of state special interests.  We call on all stations to pull the ad immediately.

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