Experts warn electronic cigarettes can hold more than tobacco

PHOENIX - By now you've probably heard of electronic, or e-cigarettes. They're the latest trend in smoking, but some experts said they aren't just being used for tobacco.

"E-cigarettes are new devices to smoke ... just about anything," said Stephanie Siete, with Community Bridges.

Community Bridges is a non-profit organization that helps people with drug problems here in the Valley. Siete knows her stuff when it comes to illegal substances and how they're being used.

"The whole point is when you're using an e-cigarette, it's masks the scent of the drug, the scent of the tobacco. It masks the scent with flavors," she said.

The electronic cigarette is a tube that has a battery inside and a cartridge that holds a scented liquid. That means if you're sitting right next to someone who's lighting up, you won't be able to tell what they're smoking.

"That said, you could put marijuana in them, you could put heroin in them, I mean you could put all these new synthetic drugs in there, you could put in anything," Siete said.

E-cigarettes aren't regulated by the federal government yet, but Arizona just passed a law that prevents minors from buying them.

"I don't want to give anyone ideas, but I just want the parents, general public to know, it's pretty easy to hide your drugs these days," Siete said.


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