Driver's license's for immigrants bill put on hold

PHOENIX - There's a move to allow students who qualify for temporary citizenship under President Obama's federal program to get an Arizona driver's license.

But the bill may never get a vote. The Transportation Committee heard the measure for the first time Thursday.

"It's a small victory that legislation like this even gets to be heard by a committee," said Catherine Miranda, the Democratic sponsor of the bill.

The legislation would override Governor Jan Brewer's executive order to not allow deferred action qualifiers to get an Arizona Driver's license. Brewer created the executive order after President Obama signed immigration reform plan.

The Transportation Committee is postponing a vote until questions regarding the legality of Obama's immigration changes are sorted out.

"We are not voting this session on it. It's not ready to be voted on," said Karen Fann, Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee. "I don't think it was legal," she said. "It should have gone through the House and the Senate and onto the President."


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