Canceled NYC marathon affects Arizona athletes

NEW YORK - Some of Arizona's athletes are in New York this weekend even though the NYC Marathon was canceled Friday.

Rosanna Roasa spent years training in Phoenix for the world famous city marathon and shelled out thousands of dollars only to have it cancelled on the day she arrived.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could have called the marathon off days before, allowing Roasa and the other runners to refund their flights and hotel accommodations.

After Sandy, there was anger that the marathon had so much food, supplies, and generators available when it could help millions of affected citizens.

Crews were seen taking down some of the equipment set up for the race on Saturday, but it is not known if those resources will get to those in need.

The race would have taken runners through miles of disaster areas.

Race organizers and Mayor Bloomberg said it was clear that it was becoming the source of controversy and division they did not want a cloud to hang over the race.

There is still no word on when or if the marathon will be rescheduled.

In the mean time, Roasa is enjoying New York and supporting the local shops.

Mayor Bloomberg's plan was for the marathon to raise money for the recovery, but without the race, Roasa is trying to figure out how she can do more.

"He made us feel that it was for a cause," said Roasa. "It was for the people of New York City, and that's why I came. I really did."

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