Bi-partisan group S.A.N.E. proposes solution to immigration reform

PHOENIX - An Arizona group says they have the answer to repair the nation's broken immigration system.

The Real Arizona Coalition has been working on a plan since the creation of SB 1070. 

The bi-partisan group is made up of community and business leaders, law enforcement, and civil rights groups. 

"All of us didn't walk away with everything we wanted, but we walked away with something that was important for us," said Danny Ortega of The Real Arizona Coalition.

The proposal is very detailed and has four steps.

The first, securing the nation's borders, which includes ports of entries and entries on tribal lands.

It also wants to account for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

"They have to register, have a background check to make sure they haven't committed any felonies and making sure they aren't a national threat is very important," said Ortega.

Step three makes suggestions on fixing the backlogged immigration system. It wants to streamline people if they meet certain qualifications.

And the last, and fourth step, is to make sure it includes all levels of government. This is to maximize the resources to combat the criminal angle associated to immigration.

Before any of this can happen, a member of the legislative delegation needs to draft the proposal into legislation for a vote.

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