Bartlett Lake facing low water levels

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - As hotter temperatures drive boaters out to Valley lakes, lower water levels might affect the fun.

Bartlett Lake in the northeast Valley is suffering from some of the lowest water levels in the past two decades, marina officials said. They partially blame the desert drought for the lack of water. Currently, the lake is only about 46 percent full.

"This has been about the worst two-year run for us," said Eric Church, who runs the Bartlett Lake Marina.

Church said the lower levels have played into the minds of boaters.

"The perception that boaters have is they hear we're [half full] and they figure there's no water in the lake," he said. "[That] is very untrue."

Church told ABC15 even a half-full Bartlett Lake is still larger than others around the Valley and that the lower levels do not present any additional danger to boaters.

Currently, the main boat ramps are closed due to the low water, with boaters having to launch from the beach. Church said he expects the ramps to open within the next week, as water levels slowly continue to rise.

While the water level is lower than the ideal level, several people who visited the lake told ABC15 they don't mind.

"This water level keeps the skiers out," joked fisherman Marvin Ong.

Another family said it presents more opportunities for those looking to spend a day at the lake.

"I like it when it's lower," said Jeff Marr. "You have more beaches, more things to do."

Marina officials hope snow melt from the high country, coupled with rain, will help return the lake to optimal level.

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