Arizona state senator reacts to defeat of 5 immigration bills

PHOENIX - It was a stunning defeat at Arizona's state capitol Thursday when on a third reading all five immigration-related bills failed in the Senate.

ABC15 caught up with Senator Ron Gould minutes after the final bill was defeated.

He said he was disappointed.

On Twitter he provided the names of all the Republicans who voted against the bills and told his followers to “contact them."

Following the session he said that too many Republicans talk tough on the campaign trail but don’t deliver when it comes to votes.

Just two days prior 60 business executives and members of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce urged lawmakers to reject the bills.

They said while illegal immigration is a problem, it is an issue best left to the federal government.

They asked the legislature to “redirect its energy” toward job growth and the economy and away from controversial legislation that will continue to hamper Arizona’s image and probably lead to costly court battles.

Senator Gould was asked if that letter perhaps played a role to which he replied, “Well there’s some people who are bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce.”

When asked if he will try to introduce similar legislation next session he said, “Maybe we will put everybody through the same misery one more time.”

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