Arizona parents weigh in on Slenderman

PHOENIX - A horror website allegedly inspired a brutal stabbing in Wisconsin and tonight Arizona families are weighing in on Slenderman.

He's a fictional character found all over the internet on YouTube videos and in online games.

"It's just like watching Freddie Krueger or Saw or you know something scary," said Cassandra Cook.

Cook and her husband Benjamin know all about it. Their three boys watch the videos online, one even has a Slender Man t-shirt.

"And you just explain to them real quick that this stuff isn't real, don't take any of it too seriously or anything like that," Benjamin said.

When the Cooks heard about the attempted murder being linked to the character, they were shocked.

"I can't see anybody really wanting to use that as an excuse," said Benjamin.

"I mean our kids, they pretty much, when they started looking at this stuff it's like 'haha, another boogey man,'" Cassandra said.

The Cooks said it's key to talk to your kids about everything.

"Everything that goes on, we know what they're doing and we have a discussion about it," Cassandra said.

"You really need to make sure you're involved in what your kids are watching on YouTube or any of this stuff they see on tv," Benjamin said.



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