Arizona legislature considers resolution to help terminally ill patients get experimental drugs

PHOENIX - A resolution that would help terminally ill patients have access to experimental drugs that aren’t approved by the FDA is moving forward in the Arizona legislature.

The House has already approved the resolution.

Patients would get to experiment with drugs already tested as clinically safe.

At Wednesday’s Senate hearing, Tracy Canter testified that if this legislation was around two years ago, her mom might be alive today.

“I look at other success stories on people who are on the drug now and I think, ‘what if,’” Canter said.

Canter’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

“It was breast cancer awareness month. She went in for a free exam and they found something,” Canter said.

Doctors found a small mass on her left breast.

“We thought we could fight it,” Canter said.

But after trying different chemotherapy and radiation treatments, nothing was working.

“The doctor was hoping a new drug would get FDA approved before my mom got worse, but it was too late,” said Canter

Now Canter is hoping her mom’s story will help save lives by allowing others who are desperately trying to survive to get a second chance.

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