Arizona governor Jan Brewer unsure of response to shooting

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she doesn't know what should be done to make schools safer in the wake of the Connecticut mass shooting. But she says the answer might lie more with behavioral health services than with gun control.

After not answering a reporter's question about whether a federal ban on so-called assault weapons should be reinstated, Brewer said she's not sure that the constitutional right to bear arms should be a focus of any response.

"There are evil people in our country, unfortunately and in the world and I don't know how we get our arms around it. I certainly believe that we need to be able to find a solution where schools are more safe because we've just had too many incidences of this kind," Brewer said Monday.

Brewer called the shooting "absolutely horrific" and said it could help to have a strong behavioral health system.

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