Arizona gives the OK to the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state

GLENDALE, AZ - Medical marijuana shops in Arizona are one step closer to becoming a reality.

State health regulators have issued their first approval for a medical marijuana dispensary to Arizona Organix.

Bill and Ben Meyer who own the dispensary went through a grueling four hour, nine page, 100 item inspection before getting the green light.

It's an approval that was two years in the making for Arizona Organix.

"There are always worries when you're going through an approach like that. The Governor stopped the program for what she thought was the right way and the courts ordered her to open the program back up, it's been about two years," said Meyer.

"It's okay. It gets the right people in the business and keeps the wrong people out," he said.

Meyer gave ABC15 a tour of the medical marijuana clinic. Its decor resembles a spa.

The front lobby looks very similar to a doctor's office, only the security is more stringent.

Meyer compared the security to a bank or pharmacy, "What we tried to create is a clean and sanitary environment with an overwhelming sense of security," he said.

The clinic's walls have been reinforced to prevent drive-thru break-ins.

Security cameras watch every corner, and both the reception area and dispensary are equipped with bulletproof windows.

"We want to make sure there isn't any trouble," said Meyer.

Meyer and his father Bill chose to go into the dispensary business after Bill's father suffered excruciating pain from cancer.

"It's a great opportunity to not only help people, but be part of a movement. It's coming up and it's only going to increase," said Meyer.

The inspection also attracted several other dispensary owners who stopped by to see what they may soon be going through.

Joe McKee already has a location in Page, Arizona to set up in, but is waiting to see what happens with Arizona Organix in Glendale.

"This could crack the egg if you will, and if this goes well for them, it can go even better for everybody else," said McKee.

Meyer said the best advice he could give other clinic owners is to "follow the state's regulations and laws."

There's a chance the clinic will never see a customer. A judge may still rule that medical marijuana is illegal in Arizona. 

In the meantime, Arizona Organix is still moving forward. Meyer admits they still have work to do, but expect to have Arizona Organix open for business for qualified patients in just a few weeks.

Meyer said Arizona Organix plans to have 20 different types and strengths of cannabis for patients.

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