Arizona election results: 600,000 early, provisional ballots still to be counted

PHOENIX - Valley voters made their way downtown Wednesday to voice their frustration over hundreds of thousands of ballots that have yet to be counted.

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell told ABC15, as of Wednesday morning, the Recorder's Office still has 300,000 early ballots to count. Workers also have to tally an additional 115,000 provisional ballots for Maricopa County.

Purcell admitted the votes could end up changing the outcome of some of the races.

"I know Congressional District 9 is close," Purcell said. "There are legislative races that are close, so it could certainly affect that."

According to the Secretary of State's office, there is a total of 602,334 ballots yet to be processed in counties across Arizona -- 439,961 early and 162,373 provisional.


Purcell hoped to have the early ballots for Maricopa County tabulated by end-of-business Wednesday, and the provisional ballots processed and counted in 10 days.

"Your provisional ballot is your fail-safe," said Purcell.  "If you think you should have been allowed to vote, (the provisional ballot) determines that. You don't have to walk away."

Several Hispanic groups say they are outraged over the situation, especially after working hard to register voters during the Valley's summer heat. Activists told ABC15 they are most upset races were called Tuesday night without all the votes counted.

"That's their job to know the number. That's not my job to know the number. This little vague thing of they don't know yet, they need to speed up the process," said Randy Parraz with Citizens for a Better Arizona.

With so many votes still out, Brenden Walsh with "Unite Here" is calling for Dr. Richard Carmona who ran for Arizona's Congressional Senate seat and Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Paul Penzone to get back into the race.

"We are prevailing upon Paul Penzone and on Dr. Carmona to retract their concession speech. The race is not over yet," said Walsh.

Hundreds of young volunteers from "Unite Here" protested for hours outside of the elections office demanding the votes be counted now.

"We are making our point that we want those votes counted as soon as possible. How is it they can say that someone won, without having those votes being counted?" said Martin Cortez who spent months registering voters.

His fellow volunteer Sidney Valdez was also angry, "I feel like all my hard work was worth nothing and they always say the kids are the future and we're trying to make sure our future is bright and it seems like it's just going to be trashed."

Promise Arizona is now holding an around the clock vigil outside the elections office and plan to stay there until the votes are counted.

The hundreds of "Unite Here" volunteers said they will be back on Thursday to continue their protest.

Some Hispanic leaders are even calling for concessions to be retracted until all of the remaining votes have been tallied.

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