Arizona CPS update: New numbers show where cases originated, team wants help from cities

PHOENIX - New numbers from the team conducting an investigation into the thousands of cases ignored by Child Protective Services show where the cases originated around Arizona.

The CARE Team is responsible for reviewing 6,500 potential child abuse cases called into the CPS hotline over a course of four years that were label "Not Investigated".

The CARE Team has been working on getting those numbers categorized by city so they can utilize the support of local law enforcement agencies.

Scottsdale had 143 cases occur in their jurisdiction. The agency is helping the CARE Team investigate those cases.

Phoenix has the highest number, with 1439 cases to look into.

Glendale follows with 292 cases that need to be investigated, with Mesa close behind at 291.

Flagstaff has only 17 cases to look into that were labeled "Not Investigated".

Many of these law enforcement agencies just got the numbers Wednesday and are working on coming up with a plan to investigate.

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