Arizona CPS update: Child Protective Services problems more serious than first suggested

PHOENIX - Another CPS Oversight Committee hearing was held Monday at the state capitol, and for the first time we got to see the computer program where hotline workers input the information they receive on calls.

Some of what we learned is pretty disturbing. If a call comes into the Child Protective Services' hotline and workers can't find an address for the child, a report is never filed. That means even if something illegal is happening, it isn't being reported to the Office of Child Welfare Investigations.

That's something Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said violates state law.

"That fails to protect children in Arizona," he said.

"The point is well taken. We'll simply have to figure out how to make that work," said Department of Economic Security Director Clarence Carter.

Carter spoke to ABC15 after Monday's hearing and addressed rumors he might submit his resignation.

"I will not leave this job with this job not done," he said, referring to fixing the issues that plague CPS.

The committee was also handed a packet of information from a recent community forum. Members will review that information and discuss it at the next hearing.





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