Arizona Border Patrol agents training for first ever dive team

Arizona's Border Patrol agents are putting together its first ever dive team. The five member team has been training for the past several months. 

The team will assist in search and rescue for people who may try to make their way across the desert.

"There's a huge need to find those who may have drown in southern Arizona, especially during monsoon season. We can help families searching for loved ones by giving them closure," said Border Patrol agent Julie Gallagher.

The team will not just be limited to just search and rescues. Agents will assist local law enforcement agencies across the Arizona. They will be called in to help recover evidence connected to any type of crime.

"If law enforcement needs our help to find a gun or a car that's connected to a crime, then we can help them do that," said Gallagher.

The dive team is also part of the border patrol's national efforts. The Arizona team can be deployed to any part of the country to help with any national need including national disasters.

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