Anti-U.S. adoption bill angers Arizona parents

Dreams of becoming a parent were ripped away from hundreds in the U.S. after Russia's president Vladimir Putin signed an anti-U.S. adoption bill .

Mariann Rubin is a mother who adopted from Russia 14 years ago, and has since dedicated her work to helping others through their adoptions. The signing of the bill has left her feeling upset for all the families affected, especially the ones already in the process.

"It's a time consuming process. The family has to fly back and forth and they have to spend a week or two in the country with each trip. If you're approved in court and you get to the point where you're on that final trip where you can actually pick up that child, it's very upsetting if something like this happens," said Rubin.

Rubin went through the heartache of miscarriage and infertility treatments before her and her husband decided to adopt. She remembers it as a very emotional time, and is worried for other mothers who may be experiencing the same thing.

"If any of them went through a hard time getting pregnant and now this bill happens, I can't imagine how difficult it is for them," said Rubin.

Russia is the third most popular country for U.S. citizens to adopt, right after China and Ethiopia.

According to reports, the move by Russian politicians is widely seen as retaliation for a bill, called the Magnitsky Act, which imposes U.S. travel and financial restrictions on human rights abusers in Russia.

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