4 holiday road trip ideas for Arizonans

If you're looking to get out of town for a few days but didn't plan far enough ahead to get great deals on airfare, never fear!

AAA is offering the following five destinations for a holiday road trip:

Santa Barbara, CA
This beautiful town north of Los Angeles combines New England–style comfort and old California elegance with outrageous holiday kitsch. Go shopping and people watching along State Street and make sure you visit the Santa Barbara Mission, considered the "crown jewel" California Missions.

Las Vegas, NV
Gamblers aren't the only ones in Vegas on Christmas. Cool weather, lavishly decorated hotels (the Bellagio has its own Christmas tree garden), and a holiday twist on almost every attraction make Sin City a worthy destination for the Holidays.

Santa Fe, NM
The smell of pine in the crystal-clear, cool desert air; the blend of Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo traditions; and the eternal question of whether your meal should be served red, green, or "Christmas" style—i.e., with both red and green chile sauce—make for a memorable holiday. Carols are sung and cider is served at Santa Fe Plaza, illuminated by 1,000 sand-filled paper bags, on Christmas Eve.

Durango, CO
At about 450 miles from Arizona, this mountain town serves up an old-fashioned holiday without any big-city attitude. When you're there, make sure to explore Pueblo dwellings, take a brisk ski run down the slopes, and curl up with a rum toddy in a true Western saloon.

For more information, visit www.az.aaa.com/travel

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