24-year anniversary of Arizona's hottest day of 122 degrees

PHOENIX - 1990 will be remembered for billboard hits from Bon Jovi and blockbuster movies like Home Alone.

But for those of us in the Valley, 1990 includes one more memory: the City of Phoenix hitting 122 degrees on June 26.

It's been 24 years since that hot day. Valley resident "JJ" says he remembers it being hot. He also remembers, oddly enough, going for a run!

"It was like a challenge you know? Let's see how far we can push ourselves," said JJ.

Mike Williard remembers that day on 1990. It wasn't one to brag about.

"My air conditioner when out on my house that very day. I couldn't get help, everybody was busy," said Williard.

The heat even shut down Sky Harbor International Airport since the charts needed to determine how much runway would be needed for landing, only went up to 120 degrees!

ASU professor of Meteorology Randy Cerveny believes it's unlikely the Valley will reach these temperatures again.

He said that's in part to the new location of the weather station that's closer to desert terrain. Back in 1990, that wasn't the case.

"It 1990, it was located close to an asphalt parking lot that added extra heat," said Cerveny.

Cerveny did add that area with asphalt may have seen temperatures above 122 degrees since 1990, but the weather station doesn't record it.

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