11 reasons why Arizona summers are awesome

1. Everyone is looking for a sunny vacation spot for their summer getaway. Lucky you -- that's right in your backyard, and there are tons of great summertime discounts.

2. Looking to be more of an early-bird or a night-owl? The good news is that early morning and late at night are the best (and only) times it feels OK to be outside doing anything.

3. Sure, it's hot for a few months (really hot), but summer serves as a good reminder that while everyone else will be stuck inside for the winter, we'll be in the middle of our eight to nine months of awesome weather.

4. Are your out-of-state friends bragging about their adventures on Instagram? Send them proof that you're one of the toughest people in the country because you survive the summer year after year. Now who has all of the bragging rights?

5. We have the most beautiful sunsets -- mostly because we're so happy that the sun is finally setting.

6. Monsoon storms: Sure, all of our trees break in half, there are flash floods and dust storms, and our backyards are trashed, but at least there's an interesting change in weather for a while.

7. The sense of community that comes over the Valley when we all understand that we have to stick together to give homeless people and animals the clothing and water they need to survive.

8. Save time and money on appliances by keeping your ovens and microwaves off! The sun can bake and heat up your food for you.

9. Don't worry about being underdressed. Everyone understands that the mere thought of wearing more than the minimum is dangerous and is also the absolute last thing you want to do.

10. We have to drink so much water to stay hydrated and healthy, but it's kind of required by law to always have water (...kind of).

11. If all else fails, migrate to the beautiful (and slightly less warm) north.

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