You don't have to sell your stuff to make extra cash...You can rent it out

You don't have to sell your stuff to make extra cash...You can rent it out.

There's a site called .

It's an online rental site where you can rent everything from electronics, tools, and even vacation homes.

That means you can go through your garage and make money on the things you still want, but you don't really use.

The site offers a safety package that includes rental agreements and deposits.

It's free to list items, but if you end up renting something out, you will pay a commission, also known as the retainer fee.

It's based on the amount of your rental.

So if you rent an item for up to 50 bucks, you're looking at about nine percent in commission.

But if you're the renter, you don't have to pay any fees.

I found an Xbox 360 system for $25 per day.

You'd pay up to $300 to buy one.

Before you decide to rent anything, make sure it's worth the cost.

A Nintendo Wii is being rented out for $25 a day, but you can buy them for a little more than $100.

That's about four days of renting.

If you think you'll use it, it may make more sense to simply buy your own...And you may even find a cheaper deal if you buy it used.

Keep in mind with any rental transaction, know that sometimes things get damaged.

There is a contract to deal with these issues, but be prepared knowing there is a chance that things can go wrong.



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