Working out? Exercise products to avoid

The infomercials are all over the place ... promising products that will get you in shape without any real exercise.

They're definitely tempting, so we went to the experts to find out which products you can trust and which are a waste of your cash.

The marketing of many of these products can be so convincing, many people will go broke looking for the easy way to lose weight.

A mini-trampoline will cost about 30 bucks and they can be loads of fun. With all the jumping, it has to be a good form of exercise, right?

But exercise expert Terry Wright says it can be extremely harmful if you don't use it in the proper way, especially if you have bad ankles, knees or a bad lower back.

Wright says jump only in the middle of the trampoline and that will alleviate most concerns.

The Shake Weight is a popular product that promises to get you toned fast.

And after a few minutes I did feel a little burn.

But Wright says, "Yes, you will feel a burn for about two days, but that's as much as you're going to feel because your body will adapt to it." He says a better option is to do jumping jacks, crunches and sit ups.

Other products experts say they don't recommend are ab toners like flex belts, home edition kettlebells and any products that promise spot reduction.

Wright says, "There's no magic pill, there just needs to be a lively body that's energetic and inspired and wanting to get in better shape and feel better."

So remember, getting in shape takes discipline, commitment and hard work.

The weather is great so get outside and enjoy it; it's the first step to getting the body you deserve.

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