Will the Soda Maker let you make soda at home?

Making your own soda at home sounds convenient, but will it taste good and save you money? We decided to try out the Soda Stream Home Soda Maker .

The makers claim your soda will be fresh, fizzy, plus great tasting and good for the environment because of the reusable plastic bottles. Let me try it before you buy it.

The Soda Stream Home Soda Maker came with all the supplies you need from the machine to several different flavors of soda.

There are many different models to choose from ranging in price from $79 up to $199. The one we purchased was $99.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond .

We read the instructions and it seems pretty simple.

First you have to remove the cap of the cylinder valve and screw it into the top part of the soda streamer. Then insert the cylinder inside the soda stream.

Take one of the two water bottles that came with the unit and fill it with water up to the line on the bottle.

Then screw the bottle into the soda streamer at an angle.

Now the fun starts. Push the button on top of the streamer until you hear a buzz, and repeat two more times for average fizz. 

Then remove bottle from soda streamer.

Now chose your soda mix to add flavor and pour it into the bottle. Be careful so it does not overflow. 

Now you have made your own soda.

I give the Soda Stream Home Soda Maker a thumbs up. It was simple to make and made fizzy soda. In my opinion I do not feel it is a money saver. You are tied to the company for supplies and will always need to purchase supplies in order to make soda. So for me that doesn't save money, although it is fun to make your own soda.

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