Will Ice Cream Magic really allow you to make ice cream at home in 3 minutes?

You don't have to go broke just because you love ice cream. You can make your own!

The claim of the Ice Cream Magic is that you can make your own ice cream at home in just three minutes.

Molly, from Flagstaff, emailed us about the Ice Cream Magic. She said her kids really wanted her to buy it, but she wanted to see what we thought before she spent the cash.

Of course we had to buy it, but instead of me trying it out, I first gave Molly a call.

She had the perfect testers: her 10-year-old son, Ethan, and 7-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

Molly says the instructions were really easy, as simple as putting in your ice, salt and ingredients and you're ready to shake.

You're supposed to shake the Ice Cream Magic for three minutes.

Charlotte started shaking, but her arms got tired pretty quickly, so we called in her brother Ethan to help with the shaking.

They took turns shaking until the three minutes were up.

But after three minutes, we had more of a milkshake. Even though the kids were fine with it, we decided to follow the instructions and shake for another minute.

So after a total of four minutes of shaking, the ice cream was firm on the bottom, still a little milky on top. But as far as the kids were concerned, it was still perfect.

The only problem… the Ice Cream Magic only makes about a scoop of ice cream at a time. Ethan says it's enough, but Charlotte says she would definitely make more.

Still, both kids give the Ice Cream Magic a thumbs up.

Ethan says it does what it's supposed to do: it makes ice cream!

But since Molly is the one spending the $15 plus shipping for two Ice Cream Magic cones, she gets the final say.

"I feel like it was not quite as frozen as we hoped it would be, however the kids were satisfied and really that's all that mattered," she said. "They were happy they got to make their own ice cream." 

Molly added, "I think it was worth it more for the entertainment factor, more than the amount of ice cream they got."

In the end, Molly agrees with the kids; they all give the Ice Cream Magic a thumbs up.

So now the kids can work for their dessert, and you can be happy knowing exactly what's in their ice cream.

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